Tuesday, September 29, 2009

17 days of Experimental Music in Barcelona

This Thursday marks the beginning of the 14th edition of LEM (Localització Executant Metafòrica*)

The fourteenth LEM, without a doubt one of the most eclectic festivals of Barcelona's music scene, unwinds in the Catalan capital from the 1st to the 7th of October. The program, under the responsibility of Gràcia Territori Sonor [Gràcia: Territory of Sound], offers many artists of the new local scene and dedicates a section to some of the most highlighted names of exploratory music in Poland, which is the invited country. There will be Vialka again, the tastes of Àgape (at Casa Almirall).

LEM 2009 offers 22 proposals from poetry, conferences, presentations, gastronomy, sound installations, video, and naturally, experimental music, which is the inevitable protagonist. The opening ceremony, Thursday at Fontana (Espai Jove de Gràcia [Young people's Space in Gràcia], will consist of a triple session. First, the percussionist Carme Garrigó will perform, accompanied by a dance performance by Àfrika Martínez, then, La orquesta del caballo ganador [The Orchestra of the Winning Horse] will mix free jazz, punk, electronica and tropicalism; to finish, Bèstia ferida [Wounded Beast] the trio made up of Mark Cunningham (member of the no wave of New York), Adriàn de Alfonso and Arnau Sala will present their first recorded album, 'Wounded'.

As in other years, LEM will also bring together the works of some of the year's artists in residence at Gràcia Territori Sonor. For example, on October 8, the Misaluba Quintet de Fusta [Misaluba Wood Quintet] will introduce their work inspired by the poems 'Ho Vaig Fer Fer' [I had it done] by Carles Hac Mor at the Caldera, and on the 17th, at Fontana, there will be the Projecte Kalduk - Tejero: guitar, bass, sax, hand-woven recordings, distorted images, samplers, synthesizers, vocals, and black humor.

From the Polish scene, the participants in LEM 2009 include Marek Choloniewski, who, with the Aixònoéspànic [That's not panic] (formed of Víctor Nubla, Quicu Samsó and Albert Guitart) will be the hosts of Impronit this year (on the 14th at the Elèctric Bar), and Krzysztof Kinittel, a signature artist of contemporary Polish music from the last 30 years (on the 15th at the Gràcia Library). Both Krzysztof and Marek will also play in the auditorium at MACBA on the 16th, together with Wlodzimierz Kiniorski, on sax and percussion, and Piotr Bikont, on vocals and objects.

In addition, and for the second year in a row, the Àgape project of gastro-poetic-musical exploration will return to offer their tastings at the Casa Almirall (on October 4).

Each year, the LEM festival proposes a lemma. 2009's is "Non-instruction Manual".

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*[rather defies translation.... something like Metaphorical Localization in Action, but suggestions welcome]

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