Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Community of Madrid goes to the Supreme Court over Catalonia issuing work permits

They believe it to be unconstitutional

The government of the Community of Madrid has presented a "contentious-administrative" suit today to the Supreme Court against the Royal Decree approved last July that permits Catalonia and Andalusia to issue work permits to foreigners. The government of Esperanza Aguirre believes that this decree imperils Article 149 of the Spanish Constitution, which says that "the state has exclusive jurisdiction in matters of nationality, immigration, emigration, and the right to asylum".

The Community of Madrid's government also believes that the procedure established by the decree "makes a complicated bureaucracy even more so and generally makes things more difficult" for foreigners who want to come work in Spain.

Finally, the suit argues that the decree "confuses the normative hierarchy" because, in its opinion, it modifies the Llei de Estrangeria [Law of Immigration], without there having been any vote to this respect.

Originally published on Vilaweb on 23 sep 09 at 16:45h

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