Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Galícia gets on board for Independence Referendums

A vote similar to that in Arenys de Munt is being organized in a town near Santiago

The referendum on independence for Catalonia that was held on September 13 in Arenys de Munt has been, without a doubt, the first section in a new chapter in the history of independentism. While on the Catalan front there are more and more city governments who are approving motions in support of these referendums, now this initiative has crossed the border and arrived all the way to Galicia. "In Arins like in Arenys: Independence" is the lemma that the Sei o Que Nos Figestes... Nos Últimos 525 Anos Organization is using to promote the referendum that they will hold this Saturday, October 3 in the town of Arins, near Santiago.

The vote will begin at 6 in the evening, after a conference on "The passionate strategy of popular referendums" by the professor of Economic Structures at the University of Santiago de Compostela, Ramom Lôpez-Suevos, and which will also feature the presence of representatives of the Lliga Anticolonial [Anticolonial League]. The question that they ask is: "Do you want Galicia to continue being a colony like during the last 525 years or, on the contrary, would you like it to be, from this point forward, something completely different?"

Originally published in Racó Català, 30/sep/09 14:00h

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