Thursday, September 24, 2009

Montblanc and Cardedeu approve the motion to support a referendum on independence

Dozens of town vote on similar motions today, tomorrow, and in the coming days

The town governments of Montblanc and Cardedeu approved a motion this evening in favor of holding a referendum on independence. In Montblanc, it was approved by a wide majority (only one unaffiliated councilperson voted against). In Cardedeu the motion was approved with 6 votes from CiU, 3 from Esquerra, 1 from ICV and 1 from CUP. PSC voted against, and the PP councilperson unexpectedly abstained.

The motion in Montblanc was almost unanimous, with 12 votes in favor and one sole vote against, that of the unaffiliated councilperson, Juan Molina. The mayor explained that there are several entities in the town interested in organizing the referendum.

Originally published in Vilaweb, 24/sep/09 21:17h

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