Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The National Court of Spain confirms that whistling at the end of the 'Copa' is not a crime

The National Court of Spain has ratified the decision handed down last July by Judge Santiago Pedraz, who refused to hear a motion presented by DENAES [Foundation for the Defense of the Spanish Nation] against Catalunya Acció (Action Catalonia) and Esait [an organization working towards Basque National sports teams] for whistling at the king while the national anthem was playing in Valencia during the Copa del Rey final between the Barcelona and Athletic de Bilbao teams. The Court denies thereby the motion presented by the foundation against Pedraz' decision.

The decision, which calls those who whistled "badly behaved", explains that the sole act of displaying an independentist Catalan flag or a sign with the slogan "Goodbye, Spain" [sic] is simply a way of saying what one prefers. "There is nothing that can be said to those who proclaim themselves against the symbols and institutions of the State, or the regime that is specified in the current constitutional framework. That said, it might be different depending on how said displeasure is manifested," continues the judicial decision.

DENAES is the same foundation that sued Pepe Rubianes in January of 2006 for some statements that he made about the unity of Spain on Albert Om's afternoon show.

Originally published in Vilaweb on 22/sep/09

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