Tuesday, September 22, 2009

PSC, ICV i PP vote together to derail a referendum on independence in Sitges

Salt [town in Girona] adjourns the motion on the question because one of the CIU councilwomen who might have broken the tie in favor was absent

The Sitges city government (Garraf county) yesterday defeated in council a motion by ERC to give support to a municipal referendum about independence. The councilpeople from PSC, ICV and PP (thirteen) voted against with those from CiU, ERC, and Acció per Sitges [Action for Sitges] (six) voted in favor, while two from Nou Horitzó [New Horizon] abstained. The president of ERC in Sitges, Aurora Carbonell, explained that there were private entities interested in organizing the referendum.

In Salt, the vote will come in the next council meeting

The Salt city government (Gironès county) was also slated to vote on a motion to support a referendum by the people for independence, but in the end the vote was adjourned until the next meeting because one of the councilwomen was unable to go to yesterday's session. The vote of this councilwoman was crucial, since it would have broken the tie in favor of the motion. All of the groups, except for PSC and PP, had planned to vote in favor.

Originally published in Vilaweb on 22/sep/09

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