Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Ripoll, Arbúcies and Blanes Approve Giving Support to Independence Referendums

In Sant Feliu, the motion did not pass thanks to the vote of PSC, ICV and PP

Ripoll, Arbúcies and Blanes are the latest to add themselves to the long list of towns who have approved giving support to the celebration of a referendum on the independence of Catalonia. In Sant Feliu de Llobregat, the motion was not successful because of the votes of PSC, PP and five councilpeople who belong to ICV. A session in Roses defeated the motion but approved another that defended the referendums at any rate.

Dozens of town governments have voted in recent dates on motions in support of a referendum on independence. This Monday in Tarragona, PSC and PP joined forces again to defeat a motion in support of a municipal referendum on independence in that town. The councilpeople from ERC (2) and CiU (8), who had voted in favor, were not enough to overcome the votes of PSC (11) and PP (4). The city government, thus, governed by PSC and ERC, denied the motion presented by ERC. Last Thursday, motions were approved in Montblanc, Cardedeu, Borges Blanques, Alella, Bell-lloc d'Urgell, Linyola d'Ivars d'Urgell and Caldes de Montbui. In Balaguer, there was also a vote, but PSC (8) and PP (1) joined forces to vote against it, so that it could not be approved; the five councilpeople from CiU and ERC voted in favor and the two from ICV abstained. aims for more than 100,000 votes for independence

On December 13th, there will be many towns celebrating referendums for independence and the organizers have begun to outline the details. will approve a organizational plan on Saturday for the referendums. The proposal is that the sum of the referendums serve as a National Referendum, with local constituency, and that on the 13th there be more than 50% participation and that they achieve more than 100,000 votes for independence.

Originally published in Vilaweb on 30/sep/09 at 10:39h

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