Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Organizing committees for independence referendums meet in Arenys de Munt

A hundred of the local committees in charge of organizing independence referendums will meet in Arenys de Munt today, invited by the referendum coordinator, who has also invited the sovereigntist entities and political parties that want to participate. The objective is to get organized with respect to future referendums, even though not all of the committees that will hold referendums on December 13 will be present today. That is the case of Osona Decideix [Osona Decides] and a few others.

Yesterday, the executive director of Osona Decideix, Alfons López Tena, submitted a petition (pdf) to five international organizations (see the video), among which are the European Commission, so that they could serve as international observers of the independence referendums.

The plenary council begins at 4 in the afternoon in the City Hall building in Arenys de Munt, and it is those that organized the first referendum on independence, from this municipality of the Maresme, that are in charge of conducting the meeting. According to the agenda, in the meeting, the "national referendum objectives" will be approved and the "national technical committee will be ratified that will advise and tend the organization process for the referendums" and there will be "a few talks on organization techniques". In addition, a national secretariat will also be established and, if the majority wishes, a national coordinator as well.

According to sources for the coordinating committee, the most important and necessary point is that of ratifying the technical subcommittees, and on those points the working groups will speak today: Josep Manel Ximenis will speak about organizing volunteers; Uriel Bertran on promoting participation; Lluís Pérez on logistics and infrastructure, and Anna Arqué, on communication.

At the end of the meeting, the plan is that the coordinating committee announce which municipalities will hold referendums on December 13.

Originally published in VilaWeb on 24 October 2009 at 06:00h

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