Friday, October 30, 2009

Osona Decideix asks for international observers for the Referendums on Independence on December 13

López Tena delivers a letter to the European Commission, the OSCE [Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe], the Carter Center, the Secretary of the United Nations and the UNDP [United Nations Development Programme] asking them to attend and supervise the process

Alfons López Tena, executive director of Osona Decideix, delivered a petition (pdf) today to the delegation of the European Commission in Barcelona about the intervention of five international organizations in the referendums on independence that will take place in Osona (video). In addition to the commission, the petition was also addressed to the OSCE , the Carter Center, the Electoral Assistance Division of the Secretary of the United Nations, and the joint Partnership on Electoral Assistance of the Commission and the UNDP.

Osona Decideix says in the letter that they have approved the regulations of the referendum based on the current electoral regulations and the criteria of the United Nations and the European Union. They point out that the entity is acting as an organ of electoral management because "the Spanish Constitution prohibits the government and the Parliament of Catalonia and the town governments from freely convoking referendums".

The group also underlines the fact that the private entities are "legally able to freely convoke and organize referendums". Osona Decideix will organize one despite the fact that "the Spanish government has demonstrated repeatedly its opposition to authorizing the convocation of a referendum on the independence of Catalonia."

The referendum in Osona on the independence of Catalonia has received the support of the council meetings in the towns of Vic, Manlleu, Taradell, Prats de Lluçanès, Sant Pere de Torelló, among many others, that represent, according to the group, more than 100,000 people.

López Tena also points out in the letter that other referendums on the independence of Catalonia are in preparation in other towns that have received the support of their local councils, as is the case of the towns of Sant Cugat, Manresa, Berga, Blanes, Cerdanyola del Vallès and Martorell, among others, that represent nearly 500,000 people.

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