Sunday, December 13, 2009

More than 120,000 Catalans have already voted on independence

At 1pm, 17% of the population had already voted, not counting absentee ballots

At 1pm in the afternoon, 121,500 Catalans have already taken advantage of their right to decide in one of the 166 municipalities that today celebrate a referendum on the Independence of Catalonia. This figure is about 15% of the national electoral population. It's important to keep in mind that the participation in official electoral convocations is generally offered at 2pm in the afternoon, and with one hour more of voting, participation in the referendum on the Estatut was at 20%, on the European Constitution was 21% and in the last elections for the European Parliament was 19%. This 17% is without a doubt a significant amount that the political parties will have to take into account in the future.

At 1 pm 16.4% of the elegible population had voted in Osona; in Vic it was 19.1%.

The total provisional participation, without counting absentee ballots, in the referendum on Independence for Catalonia that is being celebrated today in the county of Osona, counting data at 1pm is 16.4%. In the case of the capital of the county, Vic, this figure climbs to 19.1%.

Osona Decideix [Osona Decides] sees this data very positively, since it is in line with the participation in other elections even though they're counting the information with one hour less of voting (since participation in other votes has generally been counted at 2pm). In the case of the referendum on the Estatut, in Osona the vote was 23.54% and in Vic 23.69%.

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