Sunday, December 13, 2009

More votes in Berga for independence than there were for the Estatut

4,616 citizens of Berga have voted in favor of independence of Catalonia, more than the Estatut received in the referendum of 2006

The results also were higher than the number of votes obtained in the last elections by the parties in favor of the "yes".

In Berga, 4,706 people voted, of which 96.97% voted yes, 81 deposited No papers, 34 votes were blank, and 21 voted nothing. The sum of the votes to the parties that supported the campaign for a yes vote represented 4,085 votes (the sum of CiU, CUP, ERC, and PRC), a figure that was also surpassed by those who voted in favor of independence.

Originally published in Vilweb on 13 December 2009

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