Wednesday, September 26, 2012

News Roundup September 26

Updated 7:32pm ET

Again, I will post news articles about Catalonia here throughout the day. Come back later for updates!

Eurosport: Barça a Catalyst for Catalonia's independent streak
"That's when most of the Camp Nou crowd started singing - for Catalan independence from Spain. I've watched over 200 Barca games at Camp Nou and have never witnessed anything like it."

The Telegraph: Spain is turning into the new Greece, and Mariano Rajoy has himself to blame

Christian Science Monitor: Amid Madrid protests, Catalonia bumps up elections in independence push
"Mas asked Spain's biggest political forces, all of which have rejected Catalonia's independence drive, to respect the region's aspirations if his party wins the regional elections. "I ask that you listen to the people. If the verdict of elections is clear, accept it.""

Financial Times (free registration required) Q&A: Catalonia’s sovereignty push
"Q. Could Catalonia make it as an independent state?
A. Yes, but it would not be plain sailing. Catalans have a highly developed sense of national identity. Even many second-generation Catalans – children of Spanish speakers who moved to Catalonia from other parts of Spain from the 1960s onwards – are attracted by the prospect of independence."

Business Insider: Everything You need to Know About The Catalan Secession Movement That's Throwing Spain Into A New Crisis
"And Catalans by and large do not like being a part of Spain. A recent Roubini Global Economics client briefing highlights just how bad sentiment there was last time a referendum on the issue was taken"

New York Times: In Spain, It's Not Just the Economy
"The government faces an even graver domestic challenge, however, from developments in Catalonia, where a growing separatist mood threatens Spain’s unity."

International Business Times: Spain Faces Investor Concern as Catalonia Election Fuels Voices for Independence
"Mas has vowed to offer the Catalan people a voice on independence "with or without" the authorisation of the Spanish government. "
""If Catalonia had a Basque tax regime, it would have Basque's finances, it says," Nixon wrote in a client note. "Instead of having to go cap-in-hand to Madrid for help with its debts and payroll - to be rescued, in effect, with what it regards as its own money"."

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