Saturday, October 20, 2012

Catalan News Roundup Oct 18-19

BBC: EU 'reticence' on independent Scotland
"Would it simply inherit membership or would it have to apply? One source told me privately here [European Commission], there's just no road map in this case."
Stephan Fuller, EuroCommish in charge of 'enlargement': "I don't know exactly what is going to happen, so let face it when we come to that."

AFP: Catalonia chief says Scotland deal sets an international standard
Mas had declared in September that Catalonia, its capital Barcelona, should hold a referendum on "self-determination" even if Spain's central government does not allow it.

"First you have to try to hold it according to the law, and if you can't, you hold it anyway. The consultation should take place in any case," Mas told the Catalan regional parliament then.

eGOV Monitor: Catalonia pushes for independence referendum in 2014
"Mas said he would like to follow the Scottish example and negotiate a referendum with central government, but Rajoy's conservative People's party (PP) government has vowed to use Spain's constitutional court to declare any referendum illegal."

CNN: Scotland leads charge as Europe's separatists push for change
"Spanish politicians and commentators are particularly struck by the willingness of the UK Government to facilitate a referendum on Scottish secession"

CNN Europe (video): The Business of Independence
[I got the impression that the reporter was looking for people who were against independence. But even these folks he interviewed made it clear that they are unhappy with the current situation with Spain.]
Víctor Grífols, director of health insurance company: "Something changed on September 11th, our National Day, when one million, five hundred thousand people went to the streets in Barcelona. This is something. You cannot ignore it." [and then goes on to advocate for federalism]

Javier Nieto Santa, medium business owner: "I don't see any good reason to think that this kind of independence will benefit business. This is clear. All these things began with the new fiscal agreement between Catalonia and Spain which is much needed. Now this is true. But independence is a new territory, there is no plans there. We have a lot of motives to be very sad against Madrid and Spain, unfortunately."

Montse Muñoz, small business owner: "Reduce the taxes by half, if that means independence, then independence."

News.Scotsman: Catalan Scots could face both home and away referendums, by Stephen Burgen
"I think they feel they’ve been silently working as the motor of Spain for a long time and have been under-appreciated and criticised again and again. It’s quite understandable they’re saying enough is enough, we can do better on our own. I think they feel they’ve tried to have a dialogue and it hasn’t worked."

NewsScotsman: Leading the way into a bright, new Europe, by George Kerevan
"it is difficult to see how Brussels can throw the Flemish out of the EU when the EU capital is marooned deep inside Flanders."

CNBC: Catalonia Independence is a Myth: Report
, by Liza Jansen
[Lots of reporting of the Spanish saying no, with just a little of the Catalans saying yes, topped off by a picture of the Costa del Sol. Whatever. ]

More on Scotland, with a nod to Catalonia:
Joan O'Groat Journal and Caithness Courier: Catalonia can follow Scotland on road to 'day of destiny'

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