Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Catalan News Roundup Nov 21 (including Guardian)

[This is an outrageous title, something akin to "feminists awaken domestic abusers"]
Financial Times: Separatists reawaken Spanish nationalism

No need for bond investors to panic yet

"Brussels is supporting warnings that EU membership would not be automatic, but it is hard to see Catalonia being excluded. Its economy is the same size as Greece, and kicking it out of the euro would be damaging."

Immovable laws are surely no obstacle

BBC: Catalonia Profile

The Independent: Regional elections in Spain could mean independence for Catalonia

The Guardian: Pretty impressive monographic on Catalonia during week before elections

Catalonia tales: 'We agree on almost everything... just, um, not on this'

Catalonia tales: 'I can't see anything but a hypocritical interest in independence'

British expats unconvinced by Catalonian independence

Catalonia tales: 'I think we have waited long enough and it's time to move forward'

With Spain, Catalonia is doomed to failure

Catalan artistic vitality might not thrive in splendid isolation

[This next is a terribly slanted article, not bothering to interview the two large groups of small and medium business owners who are pro-independence.]
Catalonian companies fear for future if region splits from Spain

Catalonia independence: the views of foreigners who live there

Catalans celebrate their difference – up to a point

Immigration complicates Catalonia's separatist picture

The historic hurdles to Catalonia's independence

What Catalans love: human towers and a less exciting hokey cokey

Would Catalonia be better as an independent nation?

A Catalan history of Spain – interactive

Catalonia elections 2012: Madrid residents discuss independence - video

Catalonia tales: your views on the vote for independence

Catalonia's tax burden: 'If you put up with it, they keep taking your money'

If Catalonia wins independence, where will it end?

Catalonia's leader tries to ride secessionist wave

The case for Catalonia's independence

Catalonia is voting on its future in Spain – and Madrid is worried

Is there a lesson for Catalonia in the Czechoslovakian 'velvet divorce'?

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