Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Misquoting Gerard Piqué on Catalan Independence

The Catalan version can be found here.

I woke up this morning to the news (on Twitter) that Gerard Piqué, footballer/soccer player for Barça, thinks that independence will harm Catalonia. It didn't jive with what I know about the guy (admittedly not much) so I went investigating, and found that there was a lot more to what he said. I explain it all in this video.

I'll tell you the moral up front: be sure to go straight to the horse's mouth whenever you can, and pay special attention to who's telling the story.

I'd love to hear what you think.

And here is the English transcription of the part of the interview in which Piqué discusses his political views. It begins around minute 14:40 of the interview. You can find the original Catalan transcript on the Catalan version of this blog post.

Gerard Piqué: Well, I believe that independence, well, I don't want to go into a lot because I don't think, it's not something, but right now, it's clear that it's in the air, and that everyone, everyone is talking about it, right? Everyone gives their opinion, I think we should, I think we shouldn't. I think in the last few years it's grown a lot, there are a lot of people thinking about it, and more people believe in it. For me, sincerely, if I have to be sincere with you, at the beginning, what independence will do is make Catalonia weaker and it will make Spain weaker, separation, anything that separates makes the two lands in question weaker. From that point on, obviously I don't know how it would go. Nobody knows. Nobody has a crystal ball that will say, no, no, well, Catalonia will grow like crazy and Spain, on the other hand, well, without Catalonia which is one of its motors, well, it would suffer a lot. Nobody knows. And I also think, that there's a feeling that has grown a lot, that many Catalans feel, well, I don't know if the word is "abused" but they do feel like they are in disagreement with many of the decisions taken by the [Spanish] government. From there, well, everyone has their own...

Jordi Basté: But are you saying yes to the "right to decide"? So if Catalonia has the option of freely choosing if it wants or if it doesn't want, because we're talking about a game, playing a game of football, we're not saying if yes or if no, that anybody votes how they want

GP: They should vote how they want

JB: And from that point on, we'll see?

GP: And from that point, we'll see. Me, truthfully, no, now, it's what I think, I mean in the end if not, it would be going back to an era that, if people don't have the right to give their opinion or say what they feel, and man, it would be like going back to an earlier time that we're already done with. I think that evolution moves, we're going, we're looking forward. We shouldn't look backwards.

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