Monday, November 12, 2012

Liz Castro on Catalonia - Videos about Catalonia from an American point of view

Catalan version/Versió en català

Thanks so much to all who read my previous post about Sharif's video, and my musings on whether or not it was real, and whether it mattered if it was or not.

In the end, I decided to stop thinking about him, and instead be inspired by the success his video had in order to find new ways to explain to my fellow Americans what's going in Catalonia. (But I've added subtitles in English and Catalan, just click the little "cc", and choose the desired language to display them.)

The first video is an introduction to the project, explaining who I am and what I'm hoping to achieve. I purposely did it in a homegrown sort of way: I am not a journalist, but rather a computer book writer with a lot of experience in Catalonia. My opinions and observations are personal, though they're based on years of living and traveling in Catalonia. My hope is that by knowing who I am, you'll be able to judge my videos for yourself.

The second video has the same style that I'm hoping to use for future videos: I speak about a current issue happening in Catalonia—in this case, it's the premiere of the movie, Fènix 11*23—and I explain it to an American audience, but with more background and explanation than Americans usually get here.

I don't know if any Americans will be interested. I said before that it's not that we Americans don't care what's going on beyond our borders, it's just that we have enough to think about right here inside. But if you want to share my videos, well, maybe we'll catch their attention.

I am totally open to ideas for future videos and also to corrections to my Catalan, which I hope is understandable, but which I suspect may have more than a few mistakes. You can contact me through this blog, or via Twitter.

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