Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Catalonia declares its sovereignty

Originally published in Vilweb on January 23, 2013

CiU, ERC, ICV-EUiA and one representative of the CUP vote in favor of the Declaration which defines Catalonia as a "sovereign political and legal subject"• The PSC (Socialists) side with the No of the PP and C's • Five Socialist MPs do not vote

The Parliament of Catalonia has approved a historic document, the Declaration of Sovereignty, which defines the People of Catalonia as a sovereign political and legal subject. This declaration initiates the process of celebrating a referendum on the political future of Catalonia in 2014, in accordance with the commitments of CiU and ERC in their governability accord. These two parties, joined by ICV-EUiA, supported the document, which also received a vote in favor from a representative of the CUP. The other two CUP MPs abstained, in order to criticize the manner in which the process began. The PSC (Socialists) finally sided with the No to self-determination block, together with the rightist PP and Ciutadans, who called the Declaration of Sovereignty illegal and unconstitutional. But five Socialist MPs protested the PSC stance by not voting: Àngel Ros, Rocío Martínez Sampere, Marina Geli, Joan Ignasi Elena and Núria Ventura. There were 41 no votes, 84 votes in favor, and 2 abstentions. (Two PP MPs were ill, and thus did not vote. There are 135 MPs in the Catalan Parliament.)

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