Wednesday, September 11, 2013

European Commission professes "great respect" for Catalan Way

Barroso's spokesperson says that Europe is not at all indifferent to the human chain

The European Commission feels "great respect" for the Catalan Way human chain and is "conscious of the importance that it has for the citizens of Catalonia, and the rest of the Spanish State". In declarations to the Catalan News Agency ACN, the spokespeople for the EU executive confirmed that Brussels is in no way indifferent to today's human chain, but rather has closely followed it. Nevertheless, they say that responding to demands for independence is not part of the Commission's jurisdiction, and that "it cannot interfere" in the internal affairs of its member states, according to treaties. "Being respectful means being neutral," warned the spokespeople who were consulted. Brussels is taking notes, but officially, the reaction to Catalonia's National Day will go no further than that.

The European Commission is very aware of the human chain and recognizes its importance, but it will not change its position. José Manuel Durao Barroso's spokesperson, Olivier Bailly, will limit his remarks this Thursday, in his daily press conference, to note the 400 kilometers of the Catalan Way human chain and to restate that Brussels cannot interfere in what it considers a internal affair of the Spanish State.

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