Monday, September 28, 2009 aims to get more than 100,000 votes for independence on December 13

PSC and PP vote together again against the motion in favor of the independence referendum in Tarragona

Many towns will celebrate a referendum for independence on December 13 and the organizers have begun to nail down the details. [We Decide] will approve the organizational protocol for holding the referendums on Saturday. The proposal is that the sum of the referendums will be a national referendum, with local participation, and that the voting on December 13th be higher than 50% and that they receive at least 100,000 votes for independence.

Saturday's meeting will gather mayors, or mayors' delegates, of the towns and municipalities interested in organizing a referendum for independence, in order to coordinate activities that come from the local entities in charge of running the process. They will also approve an organizing committee and a technical committee, the general coordinator of which will be Alfons Lópex Tena and which will consist of 8 members: including the following who have already agreed to participate: Uriel Bertran, Josep Manel Ximenis, Miquel Martin i Gamisans and Vicent Partal.

The proposal was edited with the experience of Arenys de Munt by that town's selectperson, Josep Manel Ximenis and by Alfons López Tena and Uriel Bertran, who were members of the approving committee.

PSC and PP defeat the motion in support of holding a referendum in Tarragona

This week many votes continue to be held on motions of support for referendums; that will be the case of Sant Feliu de Llobregat and of Ripoll. And today, in Tarragona. PSC and PP have joined forces to defeat the motion in support of a municipal referendum on independence in the Tarragonian capital. The councilpeople of ERC (2) and of CiU (8) who voted in favor, were not enough to counter the votes of PSC (11) and PP (4). Tarragona, therefore, governed by PSC and ERC, has denied the motion presented by ERC. The PSC argued that the right of deciding about independence is not contemplated in the Estatut [Statute of Autonomy].

Originally published in Vilaweb on 28/sep/09 at 16:26h

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